C’est Moi!

All about Corinna Ann (without the ‘e’)

I am a 30′s something wife and mother to two wonderful girls who live in Australia with their mother. Seems complicated already doesn’t it?

You may have heard of the road less traveled by? Well it seems that I have traveled that road quite a bit in the last the few years. In September 2010, I married my Love after….

1.5 years of long distance dating (Australia-Canada is serious looooooong distance);

1 year of living together in Australia; followed by a great BIG move for David and

1 year of living in Canada together.

Following our marriage, we stayed a grand total of 6 more months in Canada before accepting overseas work contracts in Manila, Philippines. David left in April 2011 and I joined him in Manila in July. Throughout this time, we became experts at paperwork as we successfully navigated both the Canadian Permanent Residence Spouse Sponsorship Program and the Catholic Annulment Tribunal. As you may have known or guessed, David was married before and has two fantastic girls who live in Australia. I feel so blessed to have them in my life and it seems likes ages ago that we hung out on the beach for the first time. They’ve grown up so much in the last few years and I cherish the time we spend together.

Brianna 2.5yrs  & Jasmine 5.5yrs

Brianna 2.5yrs & Jasmine 5.5yrs

Brianna 6yrs & Jasmine 9yrs

Brianna 6yrs & Jasmine 9yrs

I am blessed with a fantastic family – the ‘originals’ as well as the recently added spouses. David’s parents live in Australia and we enjoy Skype dates with them as often as we can. We also have the most amazing group of friends, many of whom belong to the great extended family community of Ukrainian-Canadians.

The world is so much bigger than I and yet the older I get, the more I come to appreciate how interconnected we all are. I have been molded by a great many people; I am humbled by those that have come before me and grateful for the one’s that are blessing my life’s journey now.

As part of my endeavor to be the best moi that I can be, I am challenging myself to use this blog as  a record of the journey.

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